GPS based business directory to be written in html5 Must have strong experience in GPS programming and GPS systems The product is already nearly complete and a prototype - written in Phonegap - will be supplied. (You will be supplied the prototype Phonegap code.) This contract requires the final product to work in HTML5 only. (Native IOS and Android versions will be built later) Design Sketches Detailed design sketches will be provided laying out the remaining work to be completed. Design Spec A detailed design spec will also be supplied on what needs to be completed. Dbase - The dbase to be used for the product will be a (free) product such as MySQL - An online xls spreadsheet “upload” capability is required so some app data (such as client details) can be automatically uploaded into the dbase via an xls spreadsheet.


Plaza del Valencia
Provincias de actuación:
Lugo. Navarra. Salamanca. Soria. Toledo. Valencia. Zamora. Zaragoza.
Actividades y servicios:
Cristaleros. Aire Acondicionado. Calefacción.


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